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What is FIRST?
FIRST provides opportunities for science and technology to students beyond the classroom.
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2014 FRC Game: Aerial Assist
This year's game involves shooting, passing, and catching an exercise ball.
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Meet Our Sponsors
We would like to thank our sponsors for making our team possible every year.
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Learn About Our Robot
This year's robot features a spring-powered shooter and a drop-down collector!
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Our gallery includes our various photos and videos, newsletters, and yearly photojournals.
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Our resources library includes a great amount of helpful information for FIRST teams.
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Latest Updates

It's Almost the End of Build Season!
Build season has come to a close. After six weeks of designing, coding, wiring, and machining, we have created Junky Monkey! We've had a grueling build and we've bagged our robot ...Read More
Pre-Kickoff Anxiety
Our team is anxiously awaiting for kickoff! We can't wait to use our awesome hex bumpers! Also, Happy New Years from the Funky Monkeys~! Read More
Chezy Champs 2014 Recap
This past weekend, we attended the inaugural Chezy Champs, hosted by Bellarmine College Preperatory and Team 254, the Cheesy Poofs. We were awed by the competition; 30 blue banners ...Read More